Underground passage canopy

Area: 2 x 93m2, 2 x 72m2 (4 canopies)

Location: Nis, Serbia

Competition 2011

Competition was announced for project of 4 canopies over the underground passages, at the main city center plateau in Niš, Serbia.
The main precondition for the competition was predominant use of glass.

My intention was to create light, partly transparent spotlight in the “sea” of concrete and marble tiles on the city square.
Few aluminum curved profiles, create the skeleton of the delicate sky-blue nuance of glass cover.
Shape of the canopy acts like a tiny wave, which emerges from the water.

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Expo 2010 national pavilion

Area: 125 m2 (object) + 700 m2 (surrounding area)

Location: Shanghai, China

Competition 2010

I made this project as a proposal for national pavilion of Serbia, in Shanghai 2010.

My main aim was to achieve an innovative and interesting shape with minimum budget. This is why I decided to assign the function of “shape creator” and shape-forming tool to the roof – enveloped space frame. The other part of the object will be simple curtain wall. Also the floor plan area is quite modest – around 125 m2. Again I tried to push the project to its limits – by applying the labyrinth shape of the floor plan – this increased it’s useful space area. Interior labyrinth walls are partly covered with LCD screens.

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