Reisseck mountain restaurant and visiting center – international competition 2011 (1st prize)

Area: 1180 m2

Location: Reisseck, Austria

Project status: Under construction

This project won the 1st prize on the international competition in 2011. Snøhetta was third.

Object will be built 2250 meters above sea level in Austrian Alps.  The building will include a top terminal for the Reisseck incline railway, along with information and display areas.

The new top terminal has been interpreted as constructed landscape, which has developed naturally from the topography. The curving lower part of the station follows the contours of the surrounding landscape, and these are accentuated by their stone materiality. The roof encroaches on the building like a protective overhang of snow. Despite avoiding the vernacular architecture of alpine construction, this solution has produced a sensitive response to this unique location.
On the approach, the visitor is heralded by a sequence of different rooms. The ground floor, which is integrated into the slope and is closed to the outside world, is reminiscent of caves and tunnels.

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Underground passage canopy

Area: 2 x 93m2, 2 x 72m2 (4 canopies)

Location: Nis, Serbia

Competition 2011

Competition was announced for project of 4 canopies over the underground passages, at the main city center plateau in Niš, Serbia.
The main precondition for the competition was predominant use of glass.

My intention was to create light, partly transparent spotlight in the “sea” of concrete and marble tiles on the city square.
Few aluminum curved profiles, create the skeleton of the delicate sky-blue nuance of glass cover.
Shape of the canopy acts like a tiny wave, which emerges from the water.

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Public garage façade – competition, 3rd place

Area: 5000 m2

Location: Vienna, Austria

Competition 2011, 3rd place

Task was to design a facade for the garage object and office building at prater, Vienna.
Idea was to make one membrane for both objects.
Inspiration for the facade was found in the landmark of the present location – the Vienna`s big Prater wheel at the amusement park. Prater wheel bars were rotated and arranged vertically along the garage shape.

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Area: 15 m2

Location: Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Project status: Completed !

Working at AAArchitects, my contribution on this project was strictly related to practical work. I had no influence on design of the project. Task was to build the sauna at villa of ambassador of Iraq in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.
I did not work alone, but with my colleagues, M.Arch. Wim Smits, and M.Arch. Matteo Frongia.

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Porch light design

Area: 49 m2

Location: Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Project status: Completed !

My task was to design porch ceiling light project, working as an intern at AAArchitects office in Rotterdam.

Porch had to be designed in front of the house of the Iraq Ambassador in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

Project started with exploration of shape and light disposition. Arabic motives and tiles were starting point of my work. an examples of the shape investigation i did, can be seen on the right.

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