Business hotel


Location: Nis, Serbia

Area:  12500 m2 (object) + 8000m2 (surrounding area)


Competition required creating a modern hotel building on a river bank. Location is surrounded from one side by river and on the other by residential homes, with a few alien modern business buildings. Required capacity should be 80 rooms, out of which 70% double rooms, 20% single bedrooms and 10% suites.

Design allows people, other than hotel guests to have an access to parts of services inside the hotel building. This access is separated from the one hotel guests have and is oriented towards pedestrian quay, from the back part of the building while the main one, is oriented to the south – on the front part. Third – personnel entrance is located east, laterally.

Northern part of the location is “isolated” with series of trees as a buffers zone from the dominant wind along the river bank.

From the entrance hall an access to variety of premises is created – store, hair dresser, tourist agency…

An administration block is located just left of the entrance – behind the reception. On the right there are restaurants and saloons on which a large kitchen block relies, with its separate personnel entrance.

First floor can be divided into two functions: Content used by hotel guests and content used by outer visitors. It also has a separate access with its own elevators and stair blocks. Hotel guests content includes saloons (reading, TV, internet…). Outer visitors content includes banquet hall and national food restaurant. A small kitchen relies on last two. Casinos and night club in the basement can be used by both groups.

A number of storage rooms, laundry, furnace and substation are also located in the basement too.

Second floor represent technical floor where installations are located.

From third to sixth floor, an 80 hotel room block is located. Top (seventh) floor includes restaurant.

Double and single bed rooms are 31m2 in area, suits 48m2 (total area: room+bathroom+kitchenette+corridor).

Each room has kitchenette and bathtub included. Suites have an additional shower cabin.


Situation plan, floor plans:



Additional floor plans, sections:


For the outer design approach I decided to use similar facades like the two newest shopping malls opened in the same city in 2011. Both are located around 300 meters from the hotel:


I generated it using Grasshopper:


Facade will be made of combination of glass curtain wall and double-sided aluminum composite sandwiched panel filled with polyethylene.

Alubond” company has been specialized in these kinds of constructions, and their local branch already completed facades on above mentioned both shopping malls. Preferably the similar Alubond construction can be used on this hotel too.

Concrete skeletal structural system with 7,5 x 5,6 metres modules, as a load bearing construction frame.

Foundation in a form of continuous slab below basement. Possible concrete piers should be included, due to presence of small load bearing capacity soil (2.2m of silty clayey sand of high compressibility, and sandy clay) all around the quay terrain.

The whole model was made in Archicad 14, except for the panels generation, shown above in Grasshopper definition.









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