Parametric interior – salon for reading

Area 160 m2

Location: Plav, Montenegro


My ex company gave me an opportunity to be involved in design of interior, for 4 star hotel  located at Lake of Plav, Montenegro. Hotel is going to be build near lake, surrounded by fairy tale scenery and beautiful mountains.

Their task was to design interiors for restaurant, banquet (function) hall lobbies and salons.
My job was to design the reading part of salon located on the south side of hotel.

First thing I did was to divide my part of the salon from the other parts (tv, music, internet section…) with a curved wall, to make similarity with the outer shape of the facade. My main guideline, designing furniture was mimicry of inner space with exterior landscape. This resulted in symbiosis between the chairs and tables design and shapes of the mountains – furniture became steep valleys, curved mountain slopes and peaks:

Floor plan:

Section A-A:

Around 90% of project I did with Parametric design principles using Grasshopper Rhino plug-in.
To be precise: all armchairs, tables, spotlight kit and curtain wall. Everything except the door, wall and slabs.
Here is the design definition and its results:

This enabled changing the parameters like height, length, thickness of elements, disposition of parts and patterns on the objects with a single number slider or click, without the need of changing the model itself from the very start – like it is the case with classic 3d modelling concept.

Salon has 5 tables with 14 armchairs, but I had to remove some of them due to my poor PC configuration which could not handle so many objects for rendering:


Armchairs and tables are made of PP (Polypropylene) sheets – tables of single one, and armchairs of two sheets glued together. The light-weight, durable PP sheets enabled me use of two-way curved shapes, with an ideal covering for the creation of light shades – a plastic texture of wood was glued on it’s upper parts. In this way I tried to copy the wood texture, as if the furniture was made of it. Making it from wood would be more difficult and expensive as it will require laser cut MDF Layers, sanded afterwards. This will also make furniture much heavier.

Armchair and table sheets were drilled in with the pattern of the hotel’s three branches logo.
Table surfaces were made out of circular float glass 50cm in radius and 19mm in thickness, connected with 3 iron brackets to the PP sheets:


Previews of Normal stress, Von Mises Stress, Shear Stress danger levels and Displacements for glass table and armchairs:


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    Wonderful 🙂

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