Underground passage canopy

Area: 2 x 93m2, 2 x 72m2 (4 canopies)

Location: Nis, Serbia

Competition 2011

Competition was announced for project of 4 canopies over the underground passages, at the main city center plateau in Niš, Serbia.
The main precondition for the competition was predominant use of glass.

My intention was to create light, partly transparent spotlight in the “sea” of concrete and marble tiles on the city square.
Few aluminum curved profiles, create the skeleton of the delicate sky-blue nuance of glass cover.
Shape of the canopy acts like a tiny wave, which emerges from the water.

Ground floor plan:

Section A-A:

As an additional part of the project (which was not required by the competition) I analyzed pedestrian comfort on the requested construction site – plateau, with my canopies.

This kind of study has never been done in the mentioned city of Niš, nor it’s city center.

Furthermore 19 story hotel rises on the very edge of the city plateau, and is also one of the tallest buildings in the city. Tall buildings can often cause turbulences and wind increase.

I used so called Lawson’s criteria to analyze pedestrian comfort.

Analysis was synthesis of annual local weather data, taken from the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia, and Computational fluid dynamics calculations.

Analysis concluded an average speed of wind at the city plateau to not to exceed 2.06 m/s during 95% of the time annually , on average level.
Maximum speed of wind on average level did not exceed 2.49 m/s.

Therefore according to Lawson’s criteria, this city area, is suitable for business walking, leisurely walking, standing, sitting.

CFD study:

I have also calculated the wind amplification factors (ratio of the local wind speed to the wind speed that would occur at the same position without the buildings present) around my canopies.

Although pretty high values of it occur in some cases – 9.5, still the speed of the wind in those cases rises from around 0 to 1.1 m/s, which is not that dangerous.


Brief insight into wind impact analysis can be seen here:


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