Area: 15 m2

Location: Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Project status: Completed !

Working at AAArchitects, my contribution on this project was strictly related to practical work. I had no influence on design of the project. Task was to build the sauna at villa of ambassador of Iraq in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.
I did not work alone, but with my colleagues, M.Arch. Wim Smits, and M.Arch. Matteo Frongia.

Task included working on:

Pre building site:

After creation and welding of steel construction done by MKZ Metaalbewerking B.V. from Zoetermeer, construction had to be cleaned, before the anti-corrosion layer could be applied. After that, we applied two component paint, the first one was an intermediary between the anti-corrosion layer and final layer.

Work on building site:

People from the Metaalbewerking brought the steel construction on the site. it was lifted up by a crane and putted on place. Our part of the job was to additionally level the construction, in order to adjust to a projected position. This was done by using the metal bracers.


When placed onto projected position, we had to fix the construction to it’s supports. All supports where nodal rigid. Upper supports that connected construction with the brick wall, were done by putting screws and plastic plugs into drilled wall holes. Lower supports, connected construction with the brick foundations. they were accomplished by drilling the holes into the masonry foundations, putting an anchors in it, and sealing it with grout.

We continued with putting granite tiles on the floor, and, filling the space in between tiles with mixture of sand and bitumen. screws had to be putted all along the construction, as support connection for PVC cover sheets. On the roof, a pre-stressed wires were interlaced as a support for the PVC roof sheets.

Office work:

Sheets – the construction cover (both for the roof and walls) was made out of PVC foil. We had to manually cut each peace of the PVC sheet from the PVC roll, and drill it in order to put the fasteners – metal buttons, which connected sheets to each other.


Included, putting and connecting the PVC sheets onto the construction; putting plants into the projected trench, and filling it with the soil. This is were my work at AAArchitects ended, couple of days after that curtains were brought, and set. Project was then completed, you can see an examples of it below.

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