Public garage façade – competition, 3rd place

Area: 5000 m2

Location: Vienna, Austria

Competition 2011, 3rd place

Task was to design a facade for the garage object and office building at prater, Vienna.
Idea was to make one membrane for both objects.
Inspiration for the facade was found in the landmark of the present location – the Vienna`s big Prater wheel at the amusement park. Prater wheel bars were rotated and arranged vertically along the garage shape.

Façade is made of rectangular forged steel profiles 20x150mm. Profiles are pre-stressed and landed onto the top and bottom beams that surround the object. This beams are then distanced from the objects walls, by horizontal profiles.

Roof plan:

Each one of the façade profiles is rotated around its axis by 90 degrees. Each profile is in a different rotated position along the façade, thus this gives an effect of waves along the façade. Profiles are distanced from the objects walls, by horizontal profiles.
Solution also includes a couple of porches above entrances.

Section A-A:

My colleagues Karim el Seroui and Nicolai Haller worked together with me on the outer line of the façade – the line where the profiles will end and start. In the end Nicolai’s solution was chosen as the best one.

Besides that there were a few versions with different angles of the rotation axis for the façade profiles. Christoph Zechner determined the exact angle of the rotation axis of the profiles.

I also did the complete 3d model and renderings.

Two more renderings. One from the south-eastern side of object:

… and north-western side:


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