Porch light design

Area: 49 m2

Location: Wassenaar, The Netherlands

Project status: Completed !

My task was to design porch ceiling light project, working as an intern at AAArchitects office in Rotterdam.

Porch had to be designed in front of the house of the Iraq Ambassador in Wassenaar, The Netherlands.

Project started with exploration of shape and light disposition. Arabic motives and tiles were starting point of my work. an examples of the shape investigation i did, can be seen on the right.

The final solution is the one below (left). I did light evaluation (horizontal illuminance) in DIALux below (right):

Connection method of aluminum profiles and led stripes was designed by Mr. Leo Krol (solidlightning.com) so i only drew the detail connections of his solution. except design,
I was also working on the site with Mr. Krol – building in the aluminum and led stripes construction:

Construction details:

DIALux realtime light rendering animation:


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